The Weekly Roundup - 6/26/22

Hello! The sounds of summer are here! Today, we highlight some "surf style" guitars, some great gigging amps, small setups for on-the-go music producers, and more. Let's check it out!

Fender offsets! Though Fender may have not intended for many of these guitars to define the surf rock sound, the certainly held that influence. From Jazzmasters, Mustangs, Duo-Sonics, Jaguars, and the new for 2022 Meteora, some of the most versatile sounds in music have come from a Fender offset and we have a great amount of stock on several colorways and pickup configurations. Don't forget, many of these body styles are also available as a bass!

Whether you're a new guitar player looking for an affordable and versatile amp, or a seasoned player looking for a gig-ready solution, we've got you covered! The Boss Katana MKII is back in stock in both the 50-watt and 100-watt versions. If you've been on the hunt for one of these, act fast, because they're just as popular as ever! If you're in the market for a versatile tube amp, you should check out the Tone King Imperial MKII combo! They're a great sounding amp and have built-in attenuation that allows you to retain all of your tone and character whether you're playing at home or on stage. In turquoise, they're a great stage amp for your summer gigs!

If you're a synth lover, music producer, beat enthusiast, or anything in between, we have a ton of stuff in right now to get you going.

First up, I'm pleased to announce that we now carry 2hp Eurorack modules! 2hp runs the gambit of what you can accomplish in the modular world with the benefit of having the smallest, and some of the most affordable, modules in the game! You can build full systems that fit inside of a lunch box. In fact, 2hp do just that! 

 The Akai MPK Mini Play MK3 is here! If you haven't heard, this mini keyboard combines Akai's super popular midi keyboard form factor with an onboard sound engine so you can make beats on the go without the use of a computer! There's a even a built-in speaker, so you don't even need to bring headphones with you. These are small enough to take anywhere, and at $149, there is a tone of value here.

If you're a beat producer, you'll also be pleased to see we have a ton of used gear in stock for you. We've got a smattering of the Korg Volca lineup, the ridiculously portable Pocket Operators from Teenage Engineering, the semi-modular Make Noise 0-Coast, and more! What I'd like to feature is one of my favorite grooveboxes for all-in-one production, the Polyend Tracker. The Tracker features the classic tracker workflow, made popular in the '90s, but is jam-packed with modern functions including parameter locking, live mixing via performance mode, and the ability to adjust effects, modulations, and parameters per step. It is truly excellent the workflow is incredibly snappy.


DJ gear! This is something new for us, but we're dipping our toe into it and so far it's pretty cool. We've got the Numark Mixstream Pro which allows you to mix from several sources, but probably the coolest is the ability to connect it to wifi and mix between streaming services. All you have to do is set up your playlists and go to work! The Mixstream Pro is moderately priced and fully featured.

If you prefer to keep your drums fully acoustic, the drum department is of course here for you. We've got a full selection of hand drums, djembes, cajons... etc. Everything to get you outside and playing while enjoying the weather! If you've got stage gigs coming up, we just took in a great used kit from Yamaha. The Tour Custom is a 4pc, all maple kit and we've got it at a great price!

That's gonna do it for this week's roundup! Let us know in the comments what kind of music you're making this summer, and what you want us to highlight more of in these blogs! We enjoy keeping you informed, and we'd love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for hanging!


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