The Weekly Roundup - 7/3/22

Hello, all, and happy Fourth of July weekend! Just a friendly reminder that we'll be closed on Monday, July 4th, in observance of the holiday, but that doesn't mean you can't go to our website for great finds. Let's take a look at what's new this week.

A long-awaited Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature found its way to the shop this week! This amp is absolutely incredible, and with the ability to swap between 100 and 50 watts, it's also super versatile. If you want to be heard, and felt, this is without a doubt the amp for you.


If you want to retain that sleek look and feel, than you need not look further than Nash. We've got a great duo in stock right now in the Nash JM-63 Jazzmaster style guitar and PB-55 Precision style bass. Both are absolute stunners and both feature rich and articulate Lollar pickups. Nash have a reputation for building quality instruments and this pair is a testament to that.

We have some new additions to our ever-evolving pedal library this week. First, we got in a very limited supply of Bloopers from Chase Bliss Keep in mind that Chase Bliss recently announced that they're going fully direct, so when we sell out of their pedal stock, we won't be able to get more. If there's anything you want, best to grab it quickly before the used market inflates.

We've also got the newest offering from Keeley, the Halo Andy Timmons Signature Dual Echo. The features and tones of this pedal are absolutely rock-solid. I fully recommend taking some time to check out this demo by shop friend Stefan Fast of The Pedal Zone.

Lastly, in case you missed it, Poison Noises revealed a complete overhaul of their pedal line which includes a new EQ pedal, The Roscoe. I'll drop the reveal video below - It's pretty great. We're excited for the launch of their new line and yes, we'll be carrying the entirety of the new run. There may even be a super special secret in the works. Keep your eyes peeled for that over the next couple of weeks.

New microphones from Warm Audio have started to make their way here. Just in is the WA-47F. Based on the original Neumann U-47 FET, Warm Audio's take sounds great at a fraction of the price. The WA-47F is an ideal mic for many recording scenarios, but is legendary on kick drums and vocals. Pick this up and it will be your new go-to mic.

If you've been on the lookout for the frustratingly hard to find VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat set from Roland, we're here for you. The VH-14D are a premium hi-hat set that take advantage of wide-range sensors for precision tracking of velocity, stick position, and foot pedal work. They pair great with the Roland TD-50X, but you can use them with any compatible sound module and they even mount to a standard hi-hat stand. We've only got one pair in stock, and it took quite some time to get here, so don't miss out!

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That's a wrap on this week's roundup! We'll be back next week with a new batch of stuff. Don't forget, you can reach out to us in the comments section! If there's anything you're looking forward to, or just want us to highlight some different gear, that's the best place to get in touch! Until next time, thanks for hanging.


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