The Weekly Roundup - 6/19/22

Good morning, folks! Or, if you're reading this later, good... whatever time it is where you are. Today we celebrate two holidays, Father's Day and Juneteenth! Whatever you're up to today, we wish you well, and hope that you're safe and happy. Now, let's take a look at some gear!

In the land of electric guitars, we've got some cool stuff in this week including great players from Guild, Fender, PRS, ESP, Gibson, Charvel, and a rarity to our shop; a Parker Fly Deluxe. Possibly the most unique electric, though, at least in terms of sheer versatility, has got to be the Fender Brent Mason Tele. Mason worked with Fender to really deck this thing out. It features locking Sperzel tuners, A Glaser Bender system, Dunlop locking strap buttons, and a pickup for every occasion. This is an excellent session or stage guitar and comes equipped for nearly any need or situation.

Not too long ago, Spector announced the NS Pulse II Series. The Pulse II sees the inclusion of Quilted Maple tops, Swamp Ash bodies, Roasted Maple necks, Macassar Ebony fingerboards, active EMG pickups and Spector’s TonePump Jr. pre-amp. They're available in new stains and colorways in the classic four, five, or six-string variations and they've started to roll in! Take a look!

The acoustic guitar department recently saw some restocks from Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Breedlove, and Larrivee. Again, though, focusing on the unique, I'd have to go with the Yamaha TransAcoustic series. If you haven't experienced a TransAcoustic, I urge you to come in and try one out before they're gone, and they do go quick. These acoustics feature built-in chorus and reverb effects that resonate with the body of the guitar. You can select between two different reverb modes, and each effect has a blend knob so you can dial-in your perfect sound. There is no need for an amp or any special attachments, simply turn on the onboard effects and play. It's a really cool experience, and picking one up won't break the bank.

This week, we actually brought in a fair amount of new pedals. Or, at least, new to us. There's the Bucket of Blood from Stomp Under Foot, The Catalinbread Epoch Boost, The Vocal Harmony Machine from Electro-Harmonix, and of course a healthy selection of used pedals, too. Since we don't spend a ton of time in this space focusing on bass pedals, that's what I'd like to do.

This week, we've added the Genzler Amplification Crash Box 4 to our lineup. This collaboration between Genzler and former Genz Benz engineer, Andy Field, is an update to the classic Genzler 4 on the Floor. Where the 4OTF is a classic, smooth breakup sound, the Crash Box roughens things up a bit. There's a ton of tone shaping on tap, too, so you're able to get really gnarly if that's your thing. The demo above does a great job and shows off some pretty rad tones. Take a look!

The onset of the pandemic in 2019 brought a lot of people to dabble in the field of home-production/recording. If that's you, and you're still going strong, perhaps you're looking to upgrade your near field monitors. It would be hard to do much better than the Neumann KH 80 DSP. These monitors offer a crazy rich feature set including the ability to custom tailor their response to any room through the use of advanced mathematical dispersion and DSP. I don't know what that means either, but I do know that since they're from Neumann, you're going to get unrivaled quality and performance.

Of course, now that the world is opening up again little-by-little, a lot of folks are upgrading from electronic drum kits to acoustic kits. If you're in the market for an affordable kit, you're in good hands. We've got great selections from Pearl, Yamaha, Gretsch, Tama, Ludwig, and more all under $700. Kits have been going quick, so come check them out while there's still time!

That does it for this week! As always, I'll leave some new arrivals below. Thanks for hanging. We'll see you soon.


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