The Weekly Roundup - 10/16/22

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another Weekly Roundup! This week we've got a couple of in-store events, an all-new Fender line, high-gain amps, a new and improved take on a classic fuzz, tons of drums, and your perfect introduction to West Coast synthesis. Let's check it out!

Today is Krakat Guitars Demo Day! From 1-5, you can come in and chat with guitar builder George Krakat about his lineup of excellent acoustics. George will be offering discounts on his guitars for anyone that picks one up today! There will also be opportunities to win prizes, including a Parkway Music gift card which you can use on anything in the store. Swing by!

While you're here, keep your eyes peeled for sales tags! There's a special in-store sale going on right now on select guitars around the shop. We don't do this often, so make sure you come and check it out before everything's gone.

The newly released Fender American Vintage II line has started to roll in! Fender's latest line offers a fantastic selection of iconic guitars and basses spec'd out in vintage fashion including ash bodies on the '50s models, bone nuts, and the return of authentic CuNiFe magnets for REAL Fender Wide-Range Humbuckers. These are a joy to play! Remember, if you see "coming soon" on the website, that just means that model hasn't arrived yet, but you can click the "notify me" button to sign up for email alerts so you know the second your favorite model comes through the door.

We've had a recent run of high-gain amp trades. We've got a great selection of used Mesa Boogie, Friedman, Marshall, and more. I think one of the coolest high-gain amps in stock right now is the Marshall SVC20C "Plexi." It sounds great, it looks awesome, and it gives you that Marshall tone with modern upgrades.

 SolidGoldFX have launched their newest release, the 76 MKII Octave-Up Fuzz. This fuzz is a take on the iconic Ibanez Standard Fuzz built with modern upgrades and the ability to turn the octave on or off. The color knob adds a ton of character and really lets you dial in a broad range of tones. This JFET monster is in stock now, and it sounds incredible on bass, too!

A few weeks ago I told you all about The East Beast, a collaborative effort between Cre8Audio and Pittsburgh Modular that makes East Coast synthesis approachable and affordable. Well, meet the West Pest! These came in a little later, but are just as cool! Getting into Buchla systems is not for the faint of heart. What Cre8 and PM have accomplished here is a really great introduction to the building blocks of the West Coast sound but with stuff we love to see in synths today like built-in sequencers and clock dividers and all that fun stuff. Just like the East Beast, this has a full patch bay and you can remove the case to make it Eurorack mountable. As a standalone piece of gear or as a part of your modular system, $249 for this thing is just... ridiculous. It's great. You should get one.

Up top, I mentioned we have a ton of drums. That's true! Noah in our drum department has been hard at work getting a ton of new and used gear listed on our website for you. You can now find all sorts of used kits, cymbals, accessories, hardware, pedals, etc... I can't list it all in here, but I will say that if you're just getting into drums or looking to purchase drums for a loved one, we have a few of the Tama Imperialstar kits in stock right now and they are great. They come with everything you need including the throne, cymbals, and hardware. It's an excellent kit to get started on without having to mix and match!

That's all for this week! If you can make it in today, I highly recommend it! If you can't though, don't worry, we'll have our in store sale going for a little while longer, or while supplies last.

As always, thanks for hanging!


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