The Weekly Roundup - 10/2/22

Hey, folks! Sorry we've been away. We've been all-hands-on-deck preparing for all the great gear that's coming out this fall, some of which has already started to trickle in. Let's take a look at what's new in the store this week. The all-new Taylor 500 Series guitars are here! This series sees one of Taylor's flagship lines swap out Mahogany for a new tonewood they've been developing - Urban Ironbark. We have a full blog post about the line that includes a comparison between the new 514ce and 512ce models if you want to dive deeper, but both guitars are in stock and on display for you to come and check out right now.

The MXR Custom Shop Duke of Tone has arrived. This is MXR's latest collaboration and it just so happens to be with none other than the Analog.Man himself, Mike Piera. The Duke of Tone is a three flavor boost, overdrive, distortion pedal that condenses all the might and magic of the classic Prince of Tone into a mini enclosure. If you're looking to get into the Analog.Man ecosystem, this is a great start. Fun fact, if you stack two of these together you can get full-on King of Tone greatness. 

Not necessarily new, but new to the shop this week is a sought-after guitar from PRS. The American made Silver Sky, of course in collaboration with John Mayer, has been a popular, hard to come by, instrument since they released. We currently have one of these idealized vintage-style single coil collabs in Moc Sand satin finish with a gorgeous Rosewood fretboard. It's a great player, and the only American Silver Sky we've got in store right now, though there are always the SE models, which are in stock right now as well.


Speaking of sought-after American made models, the store just became home to an excellent Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 5H. This five-string beast boasts a ton of output through it's singe humbucker pickup and 3-band active EQ. The Blue Pearl finish pops and the pick guard is the perfect compliment to complete the vibe. This thing sounds and looks killer. It's a great find.


We've got an awesome selection of used amps right now. Everything from clean/high headroom to straight-up metal behemoths. Some amps of note are a super nice sounding Suhr Bella Reverb. It's rich, creamy, and loud and can switch between 22/44 Watts. If you're a Mesa Chaser, this week is your week. We've got a handful of used Mesa combos in house including a Lonestar, Dual Recto-Verb 25, and an Express 5:25 all at great prices!

Roland's latest full-size Juno synthesizer recently came in, and wow, is it great. The Juno-X features a newly designed sound engine for this model, but also comes equipped with the Juno-60 and Juno-106 on board. EVERYTHING it does sounds incredible. Seriously, I can't stop playing it. If you're in the market for a new flagship synth, give this one a whirl. It's immediately expressive.

If you're looking for a drum kit that can fill any possible scenario, or room, we've got you covered with this used Pearl Decade kit. If you've been in, you've no doubt noticed this kit towering over our drum department, but those who haven't taken the trip, here's what to expect. It's got two 24x14" kick drums with a 22" gong drum that is easily converted into a third kick with the included hoop. Also included are a 13x9 mount tom, a 16x16 floor tom, and a 18x16 floor tom. Some, but not all hardware is included. Check out the listing for more info.

That's going to wrap it up, but just a quick note. We're currently revamping the Accessories portion of our website. Bear with us as we add new items each day from each of the store's departments. This is in an effort to help you stay better informed about what we've currently got in stock. Drum sticks, guitar strings, patch cables... you name it. There's some heavy lifting left to do, but all will be available on our site soon.

Thanks for hanging with us this week. We hope to see you soon!


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