The Weekly Roundup - 1/8/23

Aaaaand we're back! We hope you all had a great holiday season. If you came in to visit us over the holidays, thanks so much! We had a great year! We're looking forward to another year of great gear. Let's take a look at what's new in the store today!

First things first, there's been a new addition to the website. As we continue to grow the store, you may be surprised to find some new kinds of gear around here. For example, you can now buy select DJ gear in the store, and online! From our home page, hover over the "Audio" drop down, and you'll see the brand new DJ & Lighting Gear collection. It's sparse for now, but we'll be updating it as new gear comes in.


For those of you that didn't join us for the holiday season, some great gear definitely survived the shopping spree. We've got great guitars all over the store, but there are two I'd like to highlight this week. First, from Gibson, is a sweet Cherry ES-339 with a gorgeous figured top. I'm not typically a 339 fanatic, but this top is just outstanding. Check it out!



Next up is kind of a rare find! The Fender Alternate Reality series was pretty divisive when it launched, but has since shot up in popularity, making these unusual guitars harder to come by. Lucky for us, and for you, we have an excellent pick from the series. The Fender Electric XII is, as the name suggests, an electric 12-string guitar. What makes this thing stand out, though, is the offset body, gorgeous Lake Placid Blue finish, and Mustang Bass pickup set. The headstock brings it to the next level. Not only does it look great, but it plays like a dream!


The acoustic room still has plenty of exceptional stock as well, though there is one that I'm surprised his still here. This guitar is an excellent player, a great deal, an affordable classic, and sounds incredible. I'm talking about the Epiphone J-200. We have a used one in stock right now that is in basically like-new condition and its sound fills the room. If you haven't played this in the store, please do. For what you get for the price, it's really something special.


The Pitchblack X Series Tuners are here from Korg! These feature rich tuners are great for gigs. The pedalboard sized ones don't take up a ton of real-estate and the black finish helps the tuner blend in to your board while also providing great contrast for the light element. If the rack unit is more your style, the Pitchblack X Rack has also received a few upgrades including Korg's new Ultra Buffer which works even when the pedal is bypassed to help your signal stay true even with long cable runs.


You may recall that our friends at Poison Noises collaborated with local brewer Singlecut on a pedal to pair with their new sour ale - Amp Punch. That limited run has been in-store since launch, but recently added to our website. We've only got a couple of these left and the resale market is already starting to expand for these, so don't miss out on owning yours at street price!


Of course non of these pedals will do you any good without proper power... That's where CIOKS comes in! We're happy to let you know that CIOKS are now back in stock, as we know some of you have been waiting for a while. Not only are they back, but we've got a brand new power supply, the SOL. SOL is a five output isolated power supply that is the newest addition to the Future Power Generation lineup and shares all of the characteristics of the DC-7, but is made for smaller boards. You can get your SOL, DC-7 or expanders in store and online now.


We can't forget drums! As always, we have some excellent kits in stock right now, new and used, but I always make it a point to highlight the vintage when I can. This week's vintage pick is a 1960s four piece kit from Rogers in Marine Pearl. It features a 20x14 kick with attached cymbal stand, a 12x8 tom, 16x16 floor tom, and matching 14x5 snare. Getting it around won't be a problem because it also comes with tuxedo bags! 

That's a wrap for this roundup! Thanks for joining us for the first blog of the year, and keep an eye out for many more to come! We'll see you soon, and as always, thanks for hanging.


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