The Weekly Roundup - 1/15/23

Welcome back to another winter week at Parkway Music! This week we've got some excellent signature instruments, loads of used guitar pedals, a super collection of snares, an exciting new ribbon microphone, some vintage amps, and more. Let's get started!

First up is an excellent limited Gibson ES-355 built on the iconic specs of Roy Orbison's classic 355. It's a plain maple body finished with Antique Ebony, a one-piece mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, '57 Classic Humbuckers, and legendary appointments. If you're a big fan of The Big O, or just an ES collector, you can't go wrong here.



Up next is a bass that we don't get in too often, and when we do, it's usually out the door pretty quickly. Just thought I'd let you all know that the Rickenbacker 4003W is back in stock while it lasts. You know it, you love it. Walnut body, maple neck and fingerboard, natural satin finish, and classic Rickenbacker appointments. We've only got one, so don't miss out!



In the acoustic room sits another fantastic signature instrument, this time built to spec for Grammy Award winning blues artist, Keb Mo'. This Gibson Keb Mo'Signature Bluesmaster is part of super limited run of 300 to come out of Gibson's Custom Shop that were actually signed by Kevin himself on the interior sound-hole label. Obviously that makes it cool, but what makes it great is how it plays and sounds. It's a tremendous instrument that you should definitely come and sit down with. You won't find many more of these.



The Strymon V2 lineup isn't exactly new, but we've just started getting them in and we'll be making the change to V2 only in the near future. The newer series boasts some hardware improvements, more range of control, and the ability to control every switch and knob via MIDI, which is excellent for the MIDI switcher crowd. Also, they sound excellent. They've always been good, and they're still good!



If you've been on the hunt for some used pedals, we currently have a huge selection. Rumor has it that there's even some stuff that's not yet listed on the website, so if you're in town and want to stop by, we may just have what you're looking for and you can snatch it up before anybody else. For now, I'm just going to highlight one of my personal favorite pedals of all time.




What will you plug all of this great gear into? How about a great vintage amp? We've got some choice finds for you to pick from with even more coming to our site soon. We've got vintage Fender, of course, but why don't we take a look at something a little more niche, like this '60s Harmony 304A. These are great amps with a barking tone that will add a ton of flare to your studio recording. Come plug it in and let 'er rip!




And if recording is your thing, you should try recording your amps with a nice passive ribbon mic which will allow you to roll off some of those muddy highs you might get from other mics. I'd recommend the sE VR1 for it's versatility. You can find a lot of use cases for it in your studio whether you're tracking your guitar, drums, or just need a great overhead mic. It's got hand-tensioned ribbons and an excellent build quality. It also looks kinda futuristic, which I dig.



If your studio is in need of just one more great snare drum, we've got you covered there, too. The drum department has had their hands full with some awesome used gear. We have some beautiful snares of all shapes and sizes right now, but for me, the winner has to be this Pork Pie USA Custom in a patina'd brass finish. This is a handmade snare with excellent specs and a ton of vibe!



That's a wrap on this week, but join us next Sunday for even more great gear finds! Thanks for hanging


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