The Weekly Roundup - 1/22/23

Welcome to another week at Parkway Music! This week is the week of vintage finds and vintage inspired instruments. We've got new guitars from fender, a wide selection of vintage amps, a classic drum kit, and more! Let's get it!

The new Fender Gold Foil series has started to roll in! These vintage inspired guitars aim for a classic look, cool colorways, and as the name would suggest feature either mini-humbucking gold foils, or single coil gold foils. Or, as Fender says "the Fender Gold Foil Collection combines the enduring charm of midcentury mail-order guitars with the style and playability of an authentic Fender."

That Jazz Bass up there has come and gone before we could even get it listed, but we have some rad Telecasters in stock with more from the collection on the way! Keep your eyes peeled on the site, and of course, here on the roundup.



To compliment your vintage vibe, why not check out a real vintage amp? We have LOTS. We've got '60s and '70s Fender Vibro Champs, '70s Fender Deluxe Reverbs, '70s Princetons, a Tremolux, '60s Super Reverbs, and more.Many of these amps have not yet hit the site, so again, keep an out, but if you're a vintage head, it's definitely worth your time to stop by right now as we've also got vintage offerings from Harmony, Univox, and more. Since I like to highlight the more unique stuff, here's a look at one of the last of the hand-wired Fender Amps, a 1980 Fender 75 in great shape, at a great price, with the footswitch!



This week, Taylor also released an update to their American Dream line with these Sunburst models. These acoustics feature a classic look with worn-in tone and modern playability and Taylor craftsmanship. They're offering three different body sizes, a Grand Pacific, Grand Concert, and GT, each with American Walnut back and sides and solid Sitka Spruce tops with Taylor's ES2 electronics.


Alright, you've got your vintage inspired bass, electric, and acoustic, and your true vintage amp... Let's finish this band setup with a beautiful vintage drum kit. In the shop right now is a 1975 Slingerland Black Beauty 5pc Kit in gorgeous playing shape. This kit includes a 20x14 kick, 12x18 tom, 14x10 tom, 15x12 tom and an 18x16 floor tom. It comes with a drum rug, stand for the 12" tom, hard cases, and a ton of vibe. It's a great kit and it won't be here long!



Of course this is plenty of gear to get your classic rock band up and running, but why stop there? What better to complete the vibe but warm, analog, synthy bass sounds? Hyperbole aside, I'm stoked to let you know that we've got a couple of the limited edition Korg Minilogue Bass synths in right now. This is a revamped for bass version of Korg's  most popular polyphonic analog synth and it sounds, and looks, stellar. It features all new presets made by professional bassists, a unique and bold colorway, and all of the portability, workflow, and effects of the original. If you're working on your prog rig, and why wouldn't you be, this thing is a perfect fit!



That's going to wrap it up for today, but I think we can all agree that this is a great setup for any fledgling rock band. Thanks for hanging!


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