The Weekly Roundup - 1/29/23

It's Sunday, which can only mean it's time for another Weekly Roundup! As a matter of fact, it's my last Weekly Roundup EVER! Come Monday, I'll be leaving Parkway, so if you're reading this (do people read this?) and you want to stop by and see me off, we'd love to have you and I'd love to see you! While you're here, We have plenty for you to check out including some hard to find Rickenbackers, wonderfully priced used Taylors, a ton of used gear all over the shop actually, the latest and greatest from Korg, and more! Let's go!

First up, the Rics. We have a trio of brand new Rickenbacker 330s in stock in Mapleglo, Walnut, and Fireglo finishes. This NEVER happens! We also have a 360/12 in Mapleglo for you to check out. It takes us some time to get new Rickenbackers in stock, and they usually don't last long. If you've been in the market, now's a great time to stop by and try them out!


Next, we have some used offerings from Taylor including a very reasonably priced Builders Edition 717e. For folks that are just coming into the Taylor market, I wanted to highlight some used 300 Series acoustics today. We have a pair of 314ce in house that are, again, very well priced. For those just coming to Taylor, the 300 series is where the American made models kick-off for Taylor, so you get a California made guitar that is suitable for both established and newer players alike with great features, excellent electronics, and a hardshell case. If you're looking for an acoustic that will both help you get playing and stay with you on your journey, these are a great value.


Bass guitars! Yeah, we got those. It's not often I highlight Lakland, but that isn't for any particular reason. They make great instruments. We happen to have a banger in right now that is another great deal... I'm starting to sense a theme here. I'm a sucker for Spalted Maple tops, so maybe that's why I chose this, but the Lakland Skyline 44-01 also features an Ash body, Hipshot tuners, Bartolini pickups, and this one's not too heavy weighing in at just under nine pounds. It's a beauty to look at and a beauty to play! 


Speaking of excellent deals, and you'll likely have to act fast for this one, we've got a used Poison Noises Amp Punch! These were selling for multiple hundreds of dollars used online not too long ago, but seeing as we've got some of these in stock new at regular sticker price, we're happy to offer this at a less than inflated $109.95. The Amp Punch was a super limited run and it's pretty unlikely we'll see many, if anymore of these come in used.



Next up, if you're an intermediate drummer looking to upgrade your kit but not drain your wallet, we have an awesome used kit from DW. The Design Series Frequent Flyer is a portable player that packs a punch! This kit's got a 20 inch kick, 12x8 inch mounted tom, 14x11 floor tom, and a 14x5 snare all in classic white with fairly new Evans Hydraulic heads in black to complete the monochrome package. Available separately on the site or in store is an additional DW Design Series 8x7 inch tom in the same finish for those looking to spice things up!




Lastly, if you don't like to be locked into just one drum sound, maybe you're more of a music producer or beat maker, we've got you covered. Korg's Drumlogue Analog/Digital Hybrid Drum Machine is in stock! Korg's first hybrid drum machine features analog power with flexible digital voices, a ton of modern features, built-in effects, and four assignable outputs. You can even load custom synth voices on it, which makes it basically a complete groovebox with a 64-step sequencer! It's a got a lot of functionality packed into its small case.


That's gonna wrap it up for now, and for good if you're me! Thanks to everyone who took the time to check these blogs out. They've honestly been a blast to write. As always, thanks for hanging. I'll see ya around.


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