The Weekly Roundup - 8/7/22

Hey everyone, it's Sunday! Hope you're all staying cool and dry during this oppressive heatwave. I'll try to make this one a bit longer to give you another reason to get cozy next to your air conditioner. This week, we have a great vintage player, show-stopping acoustics, loud amps, killer drive pedals, a big cymbal restock, and more. Let's get going!

This 1960s Harmony H54 Rocket just touched down and boy is it cool. This is what I'd describe as being in players shape. It's not a perfect collector's piece, but it sounds awesome with its DeArmond gold foil pickups. It is full of tone and vibe and is a great piece to have in your studio arsenal when you need to break away from the standards. It's a little fragile to ship, so we're keeping this one a local pickup, but you should definitely stop by and give it a strum.

If it's standards you're after, though, we have a ton of mint used Fenders right now in all shapes and sizes. Also recently restocked are Gibson ES-335 and 345 models. These are, of course, highly sought after and not the easiest instrument to get right now, so if you're on the hunt, you'll want to check them out before they're all gone.

I typically don't keep these blogs so guitar focused, but this one just has to be seen. This Teye "Gypsy Queen" is a true work of art. Not only is it rich in features with four Seymour Duncan single-coils, A Hipshot Tremolo bridge, Spanish Cedar body, Grover tuners, and bound Ebony fretboard, but it's also absolutely covered in highly stylized acid-etched aluminum. If you're a unique player looking for a unique instrument, this one's got your name on it.

Moving on from electrics, we have a number of beautifully playing acoustics in the shop right now. The Koa Taylors never cease to dazzle, and this K22ce is no exception. It is of course made of top quality materials and utmost precision, too, and features Taylor's ES2 electronics in it to round out the feature set. The acoustic I'd like to highlight today, though, comes from Gibson. It's a hard-to-find 1942 Banner J-45, and well, I'll let Gibson tell you about it.

"Inspired by the holy grail of vintage acoustic instruments, luthiers in Montana meticulously crafted a J-45 just like the most popular and celebrated version in structure and components. The new 1942 Banner J-45 includes a Thermally Aged Adirondack red spruce top hand-sprayed with a historic-style burst, hot hide glue top bracing for better tonal response, and a bone nut and saddle."

The latest iteration of Darkglass Electronics' CMOS bass overdrive circuit is here! The B1K features all of the grit and grind on Darkglass's CMOS bass drives in a mini enclosure. On the inside, you'll find dipswitches that enable you to unlock all sorts of flavors including low-end and mid-boost. It's a space saver and it sounds incredible.

In this week is also the latest release from Stomp Under Foot, the Dire Wolf. Made with NOS components, the Dire Wolf provides germanium based drive that recreates Jerry Garcia's 1970s Grateful Dead guitar tones. As with any Stomp Under Foot pedal, it's handmade here in the USA with particular attention to detail.

 Of course we can't let you go without talking about our collaboration with Poison Noises, the Crook V4 Parkway Music Edition. This released on Monday and we just wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone who has supported this project. We're nearly sold out of the first run already and we're blown away by everyone's feedback. Thanks so much to Poison Noises for working with us on this one.


If you like The Crook, I strongly encourage you to check out the rest of the lineup from Poison Noises. Their full rerelease dropped Monday as well, and it's not just new enclosures, but all new versions of their full-line. There is so much to love about them. Come in and test them out. We've got them all.

What's a cool pedal without a great amp to plug it into? Compliment your gain pedals with some British charm and natural grit. If you're into high gain, we've got the Runt 50 from Friedman at a great price, used. The clean channel is an American inspired sound that provides great tone for delicate playing. Where the Runt really shines, though, is the overdrive channel which provides gain contours for a ton of different genres including blues, country, and heavy metal.

If you're into Vox-like chime, we've also got a great used Morgan MVP23 Combo. With the MVP, you can combine American clean tone with smooth British overdrive just by adjusting your pick attack. Even with the gain maxed out, soft playing will dial the amp back naturally, providing great harmonics. It's hand-wired, and ready to get you through a variety of sounds.

If you're in need of quality cymbals, the drum department recently received a fresh restock from Paiste. We've got a great selection of hi-hats, dark crashes, fast crashes, China-types and more. We've also got some great deals on used Paiste for you to check out!

Last this week, but certainly not least, is an exciting new interface from PreSonus. The Revelator io24 is a compact two-input interface that is geared towards podcasters, live streamers, and content creators. It is absolutely packed with features including great preamps, the ability to playback effects and backing tracks while recording, slots for mixing presets, live monitoring both through the front of the unit and PreSonus's app that adds the ability to mix on the fly. It's also decked out with MIDI as well as PreSonus's Studio One Artist recording software. Included is also the 2021 Studio Magic which features tutorials from Melodics, sound libraries from Ghost Hack, 7 virtual instruments, and 9 effects plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats to use in Studio One Artist or your DAW of choice with a retail value of over $1000.

This thing is a lot of value for the money and should not be overlooked!

That's gonna wrap it up this week, but join us next week for new gear, new news, and the same ol' Buddy.

Thanks for hanging.

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