The Weekly Roundup - 8/14/22

Good day! I think I'm finally out of puns and weather-based intros, so let's just talk about gear, shall we? This week, we've got an affordable new desktop synth, some excellent shred guitars and complimentary amps, restocks from Ibanez, Breedlove, and more. Let's check it out!

You may have noticed we recently added a ton of used and new shred guitars to our inventory. We've got certified rippers from Kramer, EVH, Charvel, Ernie Ball Music Man, Caparison, Kiesel, Ibanez... You name it! You may not know this about me, but I'm a BIG fan of Paul Gilbert, so I'm pretty stoked to have his signature Ibanez Fireman in stock right now. I can remember drooling over the Iceman as a kid in the 90s, and I love this thing even more. If you like an eccentric, versatile guitar, you should check this out.

Speaking of Ibanez, we've recently had a huge restock in the bass department. We've got a great selection of Ibanez basses from across the Standard, Iron Label, and Workshop line. If you've not tried any of the Workshop basses, not only do they sound great, but that come in a variety of gorgeous models. My favorite right now has to be this SRMS805 multi-scale bass. The Poplar Burl top is just wicked!

Keeping the shred vibes alive, we've also got a ton of great, new and used, high-gain amps to choose from right now. You've got your pick from Friedman, Mesa-Boogie, EVH, Revv, Marshall, and more! If you want an in-store find that isn't on the site yet, we have a perfect used Marshall SV20 Studio Series Plexi head in stock that is guaranteed to go fast! While you're perusing the site, though, make sure you check out the pair of JVM210 heads. Either would sound excellent through this Celestion G12 loaded Silver Jubilee cab!

If you want to keep the high-gain going, why not check out some pedals? We just listed a pretty good variety of used pedals in all sorts of flavors. Personally, I'm a big fan of the Benson Amps Germanium Fuzz. Germanium components can be tricky to work with. They're notoriously inconsistent, and have a hard time adjusting to certain temperatures. Benson have fixed that by making their Germanium Fuzz temperature controlled. You can learn a lot more about them in the video above, and don't worry, if you missed this used one, we sell them new as well.

You may recall me mentioning a few weeks ago that Breedlove is currently running an instant rebate program on their Eco Collection models. Now is a great time to check that out as we recently received a sizeable shipment of acoustics from Breedlove, and this is a great promotion to take advantage of. We have many of these models on our floor as well, so come in and give one a strum! If you want to know more about the Eco Collection and their different play styles check out this video.

You remember that cool, new, affordable synth I mentioned at the top? Let's wrap up with that.

A collaboration between Cre8Audio and Pittsburgh Modular, the East Beast is a semi-modular synth with an East Coast sound. The demo above does a great job at showcasing its sound and feature sets, but probably my favorite things about it, aside from it genuinely sounding great, are the price and the fact that you can remove the case and rack it into your modular setup. If you know about Eurorack, you'll know that a fully-fledged synth that you can rack is a huge space saver, but also they're typically not very affordable. The East Beast comes in at just $249. It's a hell of a deal.

That's it for this week, but just a reminder that our floor is PACKED with great gear right now in every department. If you've got some time to kill this week, you are strongly encouraged to come spend some time with us.

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