The Weekly Roundup - 7/24/22

With all the heat advisories, I hope you're all inside staying cool. We have some fresh new gear to check out while you're doing so. Grab your internet-enabled device and huddle close to your A/C. Let's take a look!

First up, I wanted to address some confusion surrounding the Parkway Music Crook and our listing reading "sold out." For this pedal, we opted not to do a presale system, which may have been an oversight on our end, but the "sold out" status just means that the pedal is not yet available for sale. I mentioned in our last Roundup that you can click the "notify me" button to sign up for an alert when they do come into stock on the 1st of August, which many of you have. If you miss out on this first round, do not worry, we will be ordering more. Hope that helps put some of your minds at ease!

Continuing on with pedals, J. Rockett Audio Designs' newest release, the Uni-Verb is here! The Uni-Verb was built to retain all of the classic vibe and groove of the original Uni-Vibe, but with the addition of a footswitchable reverb which emulates '50s spring tanks, and more control over the speed of the vibe section. In short, it sounds great, and it's got a great look!

Speaking of stuff that looks and sounds great, we've recently had a restock from Revv Amplification! Their killer G20 lunchbox amp and original lineup of amp inspired pedals are back in stock! If you really want tone that will inspire, though, check out the Shawn Tubbs Signature Tilt Overdrive. Based on Shawn's versatile session tones, the Tilt is a tone sculpting beast!

 A great selection of instruments from Eastman has hit the shelves! Whether you're looking for a classic archtop, semi-hollow electric, single cut, acoustic, or mandolin, Eastman's lineup of instruments is quality. There are a ton more that are yet to be added to the site, so keep an eye out or stop by to see our current selection. You'll be glad you did!

If you're more of a shred style player, maybe you're looking for something a little more Steve Vai. We've got it handled with the Ibanez PIA3761, Vai's signature guitar in Onyx Black with gold hardware and a load of flair. Built for fast, dynamic, playing with a ton of sonic options, the PIA is a legend among shred guitars. They have a habit of selling out quick, so take a look while you can!


There are some among us who love to add signature models to our collections. If that's you, you'll want to check out this Adam Clayton Signature P-Bass from Fender. If you're a collector, a U2 aficionado, or just in the market for an absolutely superb bass, this one is for you. The original owner never took the plastic off of the pickups or tuners, so to say that this bass is in excellent condition is an understatement. It's also VERY purple.

Our modular customers will be happy to know we have a ton of used Eurorack in store. We've got modules from Pittsburgh Modular, 2hp, Doepfer, Mutable Instruments and more. Many of these are currently in-store only, so you'll have to come see our full selection for yourself, but if you've been keeping an eye on the developments from Mutable Instruments, you'll know that this used Beads won't be here for too long. If you can, you should snatch it up. It's an amazing piece of gear.

 The drum department just took in a beautiful custom-made four-piece kit from SJC Customs. Featuring  custom shell sizes, the 22x24 inch bass drum, 13x6 inch rack tom, 16x16 inch floor tom, and 18x18 inch floor tom are 6ply maple with wooden hoops and come in a rad seafom to black fade colorway. Two sets of floor tom legs and a rack tom stand are included. It's a behemoth kit!

Touted as the most powerful speakers in their class, the RCF ART-910s are here. Designed for distortion-free clarity over a broad spectrum of applications, the ART-910s feature RCF's proprietary FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control DSP solutions for reliable and customizable use. The new M-Brace cabinet makes them easy to travel with, or to install for fixed situations. They're a powerhouse speaker no matter how you cut it.

That's a wrap on the week. Stick with us as we return next Sunday for another wrap-up, and don't forget to sign up for our custom Poison Noises Crook V4 notifications. We'll see you soon.



Buddy Beaudoin

Buddy Beaudoin

Justin, thanks for your continued love and support…



Wow! That Purple Sparkle bass is the flakiest flake I’ve ever flaked, Great blog post! Can blog posts be nominated for a Pulitzer?

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