The Weekly Roundup - 7/17/22

Welcome back! We've got a huge announcement, plus some new products from Mesa Boogie, Boredbrain, and more. We'll take a look at a great vintage acoustic, some great deals on Xotic guitars, and a drum kit from Tama that's sure to go fast. Let's do it!

As you may have seen on our Instagram, Parkway Music has their own pedal! Huge thanks to our friends at Poison Noises for making it happen. The Crook V4 Parkway Music Edition will include all of the same new upgrades as the standard Crook V4, including new clipping diode options, and internal controls to switch between true or buffered bypass and controlling the brightness of the LED. These will be launching with Poison Noises' new line of effects on August 1st, but they're live on the site right now and you can use the "Notify Me" function to sign up for an email alert so you will know they second they're available to buy. We have a good-sized first order coming in, but signing up is your best way to get one of those early serial numbers!


It's been a good week for Strat lovers. Some new Fender Custom Shops have arrived, including a beautiful used '60 Strat in Sherwood Green. Also recently traded in is a Fender Rarities Strat with an excellent Quilted Maple top and solid Rosewood neck and fingerboard. If you've been holding out for an Xotic, though, now is a great time as we have a used Lake Placid Blue XSC2 and a great deal on an XSC1 Demo model in the highly sought after Shattered Glass finish. If you've never picked up an Xotic, they're fantastic all-around instruments. We highly recommend you come try one.

Mesa Boogie's new California Tweed 2:20 lineup is here. These amps are a love letter to '50s and '60s tweed tone and they're built for simplicity. Featuring a single channel, master volume, spring reverb, buffered effects loop, and your choice of a 1x10 or 1x12 combo, or a portable head, these amps are a tweed lover's dream, and they play great with your pedals! Come by and check one out!

Next up is a great vintage find from Martin that, quite frankly, I'm surprised is still here. I've picked this 1983 00-17 up a few times and it is pure magic. If you're a collector or a recording artist looking for perfectly smooth and even recording tone, you've really gotta check this thing out. Its full Mahogany body makes it super warm and rich and it begs to be played. I personally think we've got this one up at a superb price, too.

Boredbrain have released their newest modules in their already fantastic line of high-quality Eurorack I/O modules.

UniFX is a compact and flexible effects interface that interconnects guitar pedals and electronic instruments with eurorack synthesizers. The module re-scales audio levels, offers voltage-control over the dry/wet mix, and uniquely allows for the primary and effects signals to swap sources.

Monitr is a comprehensive audio output monitoring utility for eurorack systems. The module is equipped with a stereo VCA-controlled input mixer with master volume control and VU meters, plus a powerful headphone section for both live performance and detailed monitoring.

And Xchangr is designed for low noise exchange of audio signals between high-fidelity stereo pedals and eurorack systems. The module features three stereo channels—two sends and one receive—each with switchable 12 or 18 dB boost/cut to interface with digital pedals and line-level processors.

Whatever the occasion, if you're coming out of your Eurorack and into, around, or back into your case in any way, Boredbrain has you covered.

Lastly, new in the drum department this week is an excellent used five piece kit from Tama. This Starclassic Birch Bubinga 5pc kit features a Dark Starburst Burst lacquer finish, Tama Starcast mounting system, die cast hoops, and shell sizes of 8x7, 10x8, 12x9 rack toms, a16x15 floor tom, and 22x18 kick drum. As with all of our used drum kits, it's a local pickup only, but it's in great shape and ready to be yours!

That'll do it for this week! I'll drop any new arrivals I missed down below. Until next week, thanks for hanging!



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