The Weekly Roundup - 5/8/22

Happy Sunday, folks, and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! This has been a heavy week for incoming gear. We've got new stuff from Gibson/Epiphone, new Ibanez basses, Bose Pro line PA systems, a ridiculously intricate Taylor acoustic, a gorgeous new drum kit from Tama, a whole ton of used amps, and more! Let's get started!

We've just received a rather large shipment of guitars from Gibson/Epiphone! We are restocked on a ton of models across both lines including Epiphone Muse and Prophecy guitars and a bunch of new Gibson LPs of just about every kind with even more coming to the site as we get them photographed.

I'd like to highlight a pretty cool beginner guitar here. If you're a beginner or you're shopping for someone that's just picking up a guitar, the Epiphone SG Special Satin E1 series is here. These are designed to be as minimal and easy-to-use as possible. They're super lightweight and sport a pair of great humbuckers, and they're only $199! They come in a Vintage Worn Ebony or Vintage Worn Cherry finish, and we have both in stock right now.

Among the giant haul of new arrivals this week were some particularly cool electric basses from Ibanez. We've got some great options from the Ibanez Standard and Ibanez Workshop lines, but if you're looking for something to show off on stage, we have a couple of Ibanez Premium SR models in that are insane. Both feature multi-wood tops, bright and vibrant finishes, Nordstrand pickups, and a ton of vibe. We've got a four-string and a five-string option in stock, so you're well covered for nearly any play style!

If acoustics are more your speed, we have a huge selection from Martin, Taylor, Breedlove, Gibson, Epiphone, and more. As I mentioned in the intro, though, there's a Taylor that you've just gotta see!

From Taylor's new Presentation Series comes the PS14ce. The PS14ce features a gorgeous Sinker Redwood top, sourced from Redwood logs found in California riverbeds. The solid Honduran rosewood provides a low-end that is throaty, but that doesn't take away from the clear, pristine trebles. In fact, pristine is definitely one word I would use to describe this guitar, as it is of course built with Taylor's impeccable standards in mind. Other features include a California Vine Paua inlay, Gotoh 510 tuners, Simons back wedge with an ebony backstrap and binding, a Venetian cutaway, and many more beautiful appointments. It truly is remarkable.

Of course what good are all of these cool guitars without an amplifier or PA system to complete the package? No worries, we've got your covered. We've taken in a huge selection of used amps recently including models from Mesa Boogie, Laney, Nace, Dr. Z, Fender, and more. If you're looking for a workhorse amp that's going to sound incredible for you for a long time to come, we've got a lot to choose from, but for my money, this Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Tweed Reissue is the one. It's got all of the Princeton tone you know and love and it's packed with a Celestion G12-65. It's in tremendously good shape, and it won't be here for long! If you've had your eye on a Princeton and have never pulled the trigger, now's the time.

Gigging season is upon us, and whether you're a DJ, Karaoke host, wedding performer, or acoustic singer/songwriter, a good PA goes a long way. The Bose L1 Pro series are top-of-the-line and they sound absolutely incredible. We've got the L1Pro8 and the L1Pro16 if you're looking for a higher-wattage system. Both are packed to the gills with features including on-board mixers, XLR inputs with phantom power, and Bluetooth. If you download Bose's app, you can even do all of your mixing and control right from your phone or tablet, which is huge! Supplies are limited, and we can't ship them, but if you're in the area, you should really consider checking these things out.

To round things out, the drum department has just taken in a gorgeous five-piece Starclassic from Tama. These walnut/birch hybrid shells feature a 22x16" bass drum with two rack toms and two floor toms. It's all wrapped in Gloss Natural Tamo Ash and comes with satin gold hardware to finish the look. We've even got the matching snare!

That'll wrap it up for this week! Like I mentioned above, and like I always do, there's a ton of stuff here that hasn't hit the site yet, so you'll want to keep your eyes peeled. I'll drop the full list of new arrivals below. Have a great week, and as always, thanks for hanging.



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