The Weekly Roundup - 5/22/22


Hey, everyone! Sorry we missed you last week. We've got a lot of stuff to go over, so let's dive in!

If you've been in the market for a used or new instrument, there has never been a better time to pay us a visit. We're stocked to the proverbial rafters with gear in every department right now. Here's some of the highlights.

We've had a ton of guitar restocks come in, but one brand that we get asked about a lot is EVH. We're happy to say that EVH guitars and amps have started to flow back in! We're restocked on the Wolfgang Standard series in several finishes, including some great picks from the exotic woods family. We've got some 5150 models on offer with awesome burled and quilted maple tops. When I think EVH, though, I think stripes. If you're like me, you'll be pleased to know that a small selection of Stripe Series guitars have come back in, including the iconic Red and Black striped Strat. This one has everything you've come to love from an EVH guitar including the D-Tuna system that lets you drop down to D in an instant! These things don't tend to stick around too long, so if you've been searching, act fast!

Fender American Professional II Series basses are back in stock and sounding great! If you're looking for classic Fender bass tones, we've got you covered with a few different finishes from both the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass line, including an excellent used American Pro II P-Bass in Olympic White at a great price! If you want top-of-the-line performance from a Fender American bass, look no further than this American Ultra Series P-Bass in Arctic Pearl. With an ultra fast 10-14" compound neck radius, a tapered neck heel, and a set of Fender American Ultra Noiseless P/J pickups, this bass is built for versatility! It's topped off with a tortoise pick guard and locking strap buttons, too!

Outdoor gigs are back, and if you're an acoustic player or singer/songwriter, we have a massive selection of premium acoustics right now. If you want to sound great and stun the crowd, we've got a beauty in from Taylor that may be just the thing. From the newer Grand Theater line, the GTK21e is a gorgeous player that features absolutely pristine Koa all around; top, back, and sides. With a Tropical Mahogany neck, West African Crelicam Ebony fingerboard, Rock Maple binding, and Taylor's ES2 electronics, this guitar is an absolute work of art. You've gotta see this wood grain in person, so if you think this is the one for you, we definitely encourage you to stop by and check it out!

Pedals! We've got a lot of them, and our collection continues to grow. This week, our friends at Poison Noises dropped their latest release, The Gaia. This is the Poison Noises' take on the classic "K" circuit design. It retains all of the classic features, but adds a ton of tone-sculpting capability including different clipping options, a diode selection switch, and a clean/drive mix control. At $129, this Klon-style drive packs a ton of versatility.

The drum department has recently listed a pretty good selection of used cymbals. If you've been on the lookout, we've got offerings from Paiste, Zildjian, and Sabian. Whether you're looking for hi-hats, a new crash/ride, or a complex china, we've got you covered.

In case you missed it, we still have a few Korg ARP2600M Limited Editions in stock. This is a powerhouse synth with a semi-modular workflow that provides ultimate tweakability. The new smaller form factor and suitcase make it a breeze to travel with and the sounds are absolutely legendary. Grab one up before they're gone!

That just about wraps it up for us this week, though I did want to quickly mention that we've added a new section to the site.

The new sale section will be our new home for clearance items. Right now, you can find a number of used foot switches for lots of different styles of amp, but it will soon be growing as we process items throughout our departments. Keep an eye on it for good finds!

Also, as a quick reminder, we'll be closed May 30-31 in observance of Memorial Day! We'll be back open on Tuesday, June 1 for normal business hours, and back doing weekly roundups that Sunday!

As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for hanging. We've recently enabled the comments section on these blogs and we'd love to hear from you. Let's discuss this week's finds down there!


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