The Weekly Roundup - 2/27/22

Spring is almost here! Hopefully the weather will start to improve soon and we can start to see more of your smiling faces in here. Let's take a look at what's new this week!

In case you missed it, we have an awesome selection of Eastman electric guitars in stock right now. Eastman has been putting out really great products that harken back to a bygone era in guitar history. They have incredible finishes and they sound amazing. I'm personally a big fan of their Dog Ear P-90.

Here's a look at what we've got in stock, with more on the way!

Now is a great time to gear up for the summer music season, and luckily, our Pro Audio department has just taken in a wide selection of used PA speakers including a pair of K12's that you can sneak in and grab up before they hit the site! If you're a JBL fan, we've got a used pair of EON515XTs at a great price!

Sticking with used gear, we have been busy as usual taking in used pedals. We do our best to get these up on the site as quickly as we can, but there are always a bit of extras waiting to be processed that you're welcome to check out if you happen to make it in before they get listed. My favorite addition to our used pedal inventory this week is the ThorpyFX Camoflange. This is a fully analog, classic-sounding, flanger designed in collaboration with Dan Coggins of Lovepedal, and it rules. If you run a stereo, or wet/dry rig, it's got you covered with independent outs for both wet and dry signal!

If you keep an eye on our Instagram, you probably saw the video of Justin doing some quality assurance work on Sharkey's Victory amp for John Mayer's recent show in Albany. What we didn't show off at the time, was the guitar Justin was playing. From Fender's Custom Shop is the W20 LTD 60/63 Strat with a gorgeous heavy relic job and a rift sawn roasted maple neck. It's an absolute beast, and we'll be sad to see it go, but it deserves a good home.

That'll wrap it up for us this week. We hope to see you soon, and as always, thanks for hanging!


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