Gear Spotlight - Tour Gear Designs Flat Patch Cables

Maybe patch cables aren't the sexiest subject matter, but these are pretty great patch cables. I've been using Tour Gear Designs patch cables on my board for quite a while now, so it was a no brainer for me to reach out and see if we couldn't get them in the shop. I'm glad we did! So, what's the deal? What makes them special?

To start, the end of the cable is exactly the same size as any 1/4" jack, meaning there is little to no struggle for space when pedals have multiple jacks. They're round, so they sit together nicely. The cables are thin, like a lot of other brands, but they're a bit more robust in build quality. All around, they're a really good space saving option when you don't have a lot of real estate on your board.

Second, they have a lot of options. Standard mono cables run anywhere between three and 23 inches, while stereo TRS patch cables start at six inches and run to the same maximum length. You can even buy them in packs of three, which is ideal if you're building a new board. What makes them special, though, is the option of having either "C" or "S" shaped cables.

If you're going from top-mount to top-mount, or side-to-side, standard "C" shape cables work great, but what if you're going from a top-mount to a side-mount, or using a complex loop switcher that makes cables sit awkwardly and twisted up? The "S" shape cable is your friend here, allowing you to run your cable without any twists so things route easily. This also means that there isn't any extra strain on your cable, so it's going to last you longer.

Finally, if you are running stereo pedals, Tour Gear has you covered. I mentioned TRS cables, which are great for newer stereo pedals that run TRS in or out, but not quite as great for when you have dual-mono jacks running out to a TRS in or out. Tour Gear's Y-splitter takes care of that. It shares the same form factor as the other flat patch cables, but splits the cable up allowing you to go easily between dual-mono and TRS jacks.

All of Tour Gear Designs' flat patch cables are 99.9% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) for both conductors and its 95% twisted shield and hold a capacitance of 120pF per meter, which makes an exceptionally clean instrument cable. You can find them in store or online in a variety of different lengths and shapes. If you're looking to update your board, now's the time!

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