The Weekly Roundup - 1/30/22

Welcome back! Another week, another roundup. Let's take a look at what's new and interesting this week.

To kick it off, in case you missed it, Fender announced their 2022 lineup across all of their brands including Squier, Charvel, EVH, and Gretsch. Their are some pretty excellent guitars coming out. For the full rundown check out our recent blog posts!

For me, the clear outlier in the new collection is the Fender 60th Anniversary Jaguar in Mystic Lake Placid Blue. It's so dreamy.


Used amps? We've got plenty! A fresh batch of used amps just hit the site, and the sales floor, including amps from Quilter, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Marshall, Orange, Supro, and more! Whether you're a tube amp veteran, or just getting into the game, this American made Fender Blues Junior is an excellent addition to your burgeoning collection. We were blown away when we plugged this thing in!


Back in stock upstairs in Pro-Audio are the Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic Microphones. Since the 1960s, the RE20 has been an industry standard whether in the studio or in broadcast applications. It can be heard on numerous historical recordings including pieces from Joan Jett, Santana, and Stevie Wonder. It was even the mic of choice for The Lawrence Welk Show! If you've been trying to hunt one of these down in during the current part shortage situation, your hunt ends now!

Let's wrap things up with used guitars. As you know, we are always taking in a cornucopia of used electrics and acoustics, and this week is no different. We have some awesome stuff in right now, including this 1962 Duo Sonic. This guitar came to us exceptionally clean and even has the original case! If you want to hear it in action through a vintage Ampeg Rocket, be sure to check out our Instagram!


That's it for us this week! As always, there's a ton of stuff we can't cover here, so be sure to stop in and say hello!

Thanks for hanging,


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