New Fender & Squier for 2022

Fender and Squier have just released a bunch of exciting new models for 2022! A few of Fender's new releases include an awesome throwback Jaguar celebrating the models 60th anniversary and an all-new "Japanese Vintage" series Stratocasters and Telecasters.

Celebrating 40 years as a brand, Squier is releasing an all new collection of the most iconic models - the Tele, Strat, Jazzmaster, P Bass and Jazz Bass, each available in multiple color options.

Pre-orders are available now and we expect these models to start shipping within the next couple of months. Check out the full release and learn more about the models below!

Fender 60th Anniversary Jaguar

We're really excited to see these new vintage spec'd Jaguars from Fender! Introduced in 1962, the Jaguar has a long standing history of being the go-to choice for Surf, Alternative, and Indie Rock bands notably used by Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Johnny Marr of The Smiths. 

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this iconic guitar, Fender is releasing a special collection of limited-edition versions including vintage-style and Ultra Luxe Jaguar models. Check out the new models available for pre-order below!

Fender JV Modified Series

Fender has a long standing tradition of manufacturing great instruments in Japan. Inspired by Fender’s “Golden Era,” the JV Modified Series takes cues from the highly sought-after early-1980s “Japanese Vintage” reissues and features modifications to suit the needs of today’s guitarists. These guitars combine the best of vintage aesthetics with modern playability.

Squier 40th Anniversary Series

Celebrating 40 years as a brand, Squier is introducing a collection of their finest and most stunning models to date, which will only be available in limited quantities for 2022.

There are two distinct trim levels that comprise the 40th Anniversary collection - the Gold Edition and Vintage Edition - which we then applied to five of Fender's most iconic models - the Tele, Strat, Jazzmaster, P Bass and Jazz Bass, each available in multiple color options. With 10 Anniversary models in total, our goal is to appeal to as many personalities and tastes as possible, offering premium options for Squier fans that are eye-catching, unique, collectable, affordable and — most importantly — truly fun to play.

Check out the full release and visit the product pages to reserve yours today or get notified once we have them in stock! Stay tuned for more great product drops by Fender, Squier, & More!

- Justin

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