Gear Spotlight - Xotic California Guitars

We just received a batch of stellar Xotic California Guitars! If you've never considered an Xotic, here's some stuff you might like to know.



Xotic Guitars act as a bridge between vintage vibe and modern playability. They offer warm, rich sounding vintage voiced pickups through incredible nitrocellulose lacquered alder or ash bodies. As you can see in the photos, their necks are world class and gorgeously flamed roasted maple with excellent, modern feel. It's the type of neck that immediately bonds you to the instrument when you pick it up - they're that good.



In this most recent batch, we got six great instruments. The XSC model guitars have notably excellent relic work. The bodies look great, but the attention to detail is what really stands out. The humbuckers are nickle covered and rolled for that vintage, played, look. The XSC-1 in Vintage Sunburst is reminiscent of a badass '70s Strat.


The XTC Xotics we have in stock are also notable in that they are insanely light! With most of them weighing in at six-to-(low)seven pounds, they're super comfy and resonant. They're a great option for those of you out there with back or shoulder issues.



We can't say enough good things about this batch of guitars. We welcome you to check them out on our site, or come in and see for yourselves. As you'll see on the website, we have a few more coming in the Shattered Glass finish that are sure to be showstoppers! You can pre-order those now!


As always, thanks for hanging!


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