Gear Spotlight - Poison Noises

In January, 2020, most of us were feeling the panic and precariousness of COVID-19 and its surging implications. For Jordan Withers and Connor Taylor, however, being stuck in a state of lockdown turned out to be all the motivation they needed to start a brand new effects company, Poison Noises.


Based right in our backyard in Schenectady, NY, Poison Noises has proven to be a prolific little effects company. To date, their roster includes 13 different pedals; more than most folks would put on a single board. They don't really show any signs of slowing down, either, with their new optical compressor, The Vacuum, newly released this week.

Poison Noises The Vacuum, photo courtesy of Poison Noises.


Poison Noises pedals have certainly made their rounds here at the shop, both with our customers and our staff, but the buzz they have built outside of our walls is growing into a cacophony. 


Recently, Poison Noises made their JHS Show debut in the video "Best New Guitar Pedals of 2021" Where host and JHS owner Josh Scott briefly demoed the latest V3 version of Poison Noises' flagship The Crook. Even more recently, they were given a second shoutout by JHS' Addison Sauvan who touts The Crook as the go to overdrive for bass guitarists - we're inclined to agree.

Screenshot of Addison Sauvan on the JHS Live Show

You can also find Poison Noises pedals on the boards and social media presences of guitarists like Max Bemis, Kevin Devine, Andy Hull, Lincoln Parish, and more. Be sure to head to their site to check out those testimonials for yourself!


We're stoked for Poison Noises here at Parkway, and we wish them the best successes in 2022. For more info on Poison Noises lineup of effects, check them out on our site or directly at


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