The Weekly Roundup - 4/3/22

Weekly Roundup coming at ya! Let's take a look at some new gear.

This week marks the release of the newest pedal from Chase Bliss, Habit. Known for their high audio quality, deep diving, inspiring, intricate effects, Habit is no different. In its most basic form, it's a delay, and you can totally use it to achieve standard delay sounds. Where it begins to take shape, though, is in the modifiers. There are two banks of modifiers offered on the face of the pedal, and even more when you start to dig into the dip switches. You can do anything from multi-tap, reverse repeats, stepped pitch repeats, glitch effects, to writing entire three minute long songs within the pedal once you factor in the pedal's memory. There is a ton to discover, but thankfully, that journey is an absolute joy. If you're curious, and you want to get hands on, feel free to come in and check one out!


The new for 2022 Fender Player Plus Meteoras have started to roll in, and they're a blast! We have a few colorways in stock right now with even more on the way. Remember, if you're on our website and the one you want is out of stock, you can click the "Notify Me" button to get an email alert when any item you want comes back into stock. That way, you never miss out on what you're GASing over.

The Arturia Polybrute is back in stock! With six pure-analog voices, two VCOs, three LFOs, a robust filer section, nearly 800 stock presets, three envelope generators, and Arturia's Matrix - which allows you to reroute damn near anything to anywhere with up to 64 points of contact, this synth is an absolute beast. If you're in the market for a versatile, expressive, feature-rich analog synth, cannot go wrong with the Polybrute.

Speaking of back in stock, we now have a TON of electric drum kits in stock, including the Nitro and Surge mesh kits from Alesis. What we're most excited about though is the Roland TD-17KVX! This kit features everything you need including a 12"snare, three toms, a hi-hat, two crash cymbals, a ride, kick drum, and Roland's TD-17 module with 50 kit presets built-in. With the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, you can play along to and practice your favorite songs while streaming them straight from your phone. It's a premium kit with premium features, and it sounds absolutely awesome.


You know the deal by now. As always, there's a ton of used, new, and vintage gear here that we can't even begin to cover in the roundup. If you're in the area, we encourage you to stop by as most of our used gear is in-house first before it hits our website. Oh, what treasures await ye!

Anyway, as always, thanks for hanging!


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