The Weekly Roundup - 4/24/22

Hellllllo, and welcome to another week of rounding stuff up! We've got an exciting new synth, some gorgeous guitars, a new pedal release, some great used amps, and more this week! Let's take a look.

First up, Korg has re-released the legendary ARP-2600! If you're not a synth head, you'll still recognize the ARP's classic sounds from endless records, film scores, video games, and more. This re-release retains all of the vintage goodness but in a smaller, more portable form factor. The Limited Edition model, which we have in stock now, comes with a Korg MicroKEY2-37 midi controller, and a suitcase in a special colorway. It's bitchin'.

Speaking of vintage goodness, we've taken in a ton of used amps recently. One of our favorites this week has to be the Fender '65 Super Reverb Reissue. It may have been made in 2004, this thing still pushes loads of historic tone through its 4x10 Jensen speakers. It's loud, and it's got pristine clean tone for days. What more could you want?


In keeping with the historic theme, how about this PRS Santana 25th Anniversary 10 Top?! Spec'd out with Carlos' own preferences by the masters at Paul Reed Smith, this guitar screams. If you want the feel of an instrument customized by one of the most influential guitarists of all-time, this certainly won't do you wrong.

If Billy Gibbons' Texas tone is more your speed, you're in good hands. J. Rockett Audio Designs has released a new drive pedal based on that legendary ZZ sound, the El Hombre. El Hombre's powerful gain structure is built to give you all of the touch-sensitive feel of an amp, but also gives you the freedom to customize your harmonic glory to fit whatever guitar you plug into it. It also just looks really great, which is probably the most important thing, right?

There's a ton more that's new this week, so I'm going to pop all of our new arrivals at the bottom for you to check out. As always, thanks for hanging!



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