The Weekly Roundup - 3/13/22

Hey, it's Sunday! Let's take a look at what's come in the shop, shall we?

We are now a proud dealer of GFI System! In stock now are the Orca Delay, Rossie Filter, and Skylar Reverb. At $199 a pedal, GFI has packed a ton of features into these compact boxes. Every knob is a push-button encoder giving you another layer of depth which you can easily see and control with the onboard screen. There are multiple modes, tap tempo, an expression jack, and stereo capability via TRS in each pedal in this series. That's not even mentioning the audio quality, and algorithms, which are absolutely phenomenal. They're a great option for a compact stereo rig, but they sound great in mono, too.


In the world of cool guitars, we have a bunch. This week we've seen some great options from Gibson, including a Murphy Lab ES-335 and a ton of acoustics both new and used. We've got some Fender Custom Shops, a buttery smooth used Suhr, and some killer sounding Gretsch baritones. For me though, the vibiest piece in the store right now is an Airline Limited Edition '59 3P Deluxe.

It's got everything! A nice chambered mahogany body, triple humbuckers, a big old tone switch, knobs on top of knobs, A BIGSBY, a bound maple neck, a gorgeous finish, and it even comes with a hardshell case. This. Thing. Rules. If you're a collector or just looking for something different to round out your tone library, look no further!

If you're in the market for an affordable drum kit, we have some solid choices right now including a Ludwig Elements 5pc kit that would be ideal for anyone just getting started, or even transitioning from a digital to a standard kit. The shell pack includes toms at 10x8, 12x9, and 16x16 with a 22x18 bass drum and 5x14 snare.

We just received a sizable shipment from Fender, took in a ton of used pedals and gear from all over the store, so be sure to keep an eye on our New Arrivals page while we get those ready for public consumption.

As always, thanks for hanging!



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