The Weekly Roundup - 1/23/22

Hello friends and family! Welcome back to another weekly roundup at Parkway Music. Let's take a look at some of the stuff that came in this week!

It was a big week here for used guitars. We've got a broad selection of used stock including vintage offerings from Harmony, some 80s standards from Fender and Gibson, and a great variety of rock machines from Fender and Kramer!

Fans of Ritchie Kotzen will be delighted to see his signature Fender Telecaster here as well with a gorgeous flamed top, gold appointments, and vibey blue case.


As we noted last week, we're big fans of the Gibson Murphy Lab Custom Shop models here, so I'd be a little remiss if we didn't show off this '57 Gold Top Les Paul Darkback Reissue in Double Gold. It plays like an absolute dream, and as with all Murphy Lab models, has insanely detailed finishing work.


Synth fans will want to take note of our Eurorack section this week as we've taken in a ton of gear from Doepfer, TipTop Audio, Moog, 2hp, Make Noise, and more! There's plenty more in store that we haven't been able to list yet, so make sure you come in and check out our selection, or just keep your eyes on the website as we get them added!

The drum department has been busy this week with some new arrivals, too, including this amazing Rogers 3 piece kit from the late 60s. Wrapped in sparkling silver pearl, this kit is definitely a stand out.


Lastly, it's been multi-effects madness in the pedal department. We have a ton of used in store and online offerings including a handful of choice options from Fractal Audio. If you've ever wanted an FX8, or even an Axe-FX III, now's your time!


As always, there's far more gear here than we can talk about, so don't hesitate to pay us a visit. We're open every day!


Thanks for hanging,


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