Gear Spotlight - Two-Rock Amps

It's not every day that we get Two-Rock amps in stock, but the days we do are some of our favorites to say the least. Let's check them out!

The Traditional Clean

Two-Rock recently updated the fan favorite Traditional Clean with a new proprietary transformer that allows for 40/20 watt switching through 4 6V6 tubes. The result is outstanding impedance that doesn't leave your tone lacking and keeps that feel right where it should be. Matt Hatfield, one of the owners here at Parkway, swears by this amp. He's not alone! Pedal enthusiasts also seek this one out for it's crystalline clean tone suitable to serve as a perfect pedal platform.

 The Studio Signatures

Available right now in both a 30-watt head and a 30-watt combo, the Studio Signature amp in either configuration boast a generous level of versatility. Like The Traditional Clean, the Studio Signature has pristine clean tone, but through a set of 6L6 tubes. Where the amp really shines, though, is in it's build quality and control scheme. These amps are rock solid and have controls for reverb send and return as well as separate gain staging on the back of the amp. Combine those gain stages through its gorgeous all-tube spring reverb, and you've got a match made in heaven...

Coming Soon:

While these are the models we have in right now, we do have a whole batch of Two-Rock amps slated for delivery. You'll find all of those amps, including the Classic Reverb Signature models with some custom suede tolex and hard-to-find combo models on the site right now available for pre-order!

These amps typically head out the door as soon as they come in, so reach out to us if you're interested in reserving one, or pre-order now using the gallery below.

Did you know you can also be notified when we get things in stock? If you find something you like, simply click the "notify me" button and we'll shoot you an email when it comes in!

That's all for Two-Rock! Thanks for hanging!


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